Request Student Evaluation for Online Course

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Please complete this Request Form for a Student Evaluation of an Online Course survey to be administered.  

As a result of your Request, Foothill Global Access staff will send an email message to each of the students enrolled in your course.  This message will: 

1)  Invite the student to participate in the Student Evaluation Survey, and

2)  Provide the student with instructions for how to participate in the online Survey during the one week period that you have indicated below.

To view the questions used in this Student Evaluation survey, see the Faculty Agreement, Appendix J2W: Student Evaluation Form (for Online Instruction).

Tips to increase student response rates -

  • Post an Announcement in your online course site that reminds your students to watch for the email message with the invitation. 
  • Use Course Map to "block" students from access to some portion of your course site until after they have completed the Course Evaluation survey (see Course Map: Instructor Quick-Start Guide).
  • Reassure your students that their responses to the online Survey will be kept anonymous and confidential. 
  • Surveys administered closer to the end of the quarter seem to have higher student response rates.
3. What course do you want students to evaluate?
4. Who do you want to serve as your designee to distribute the results?

Per FA contract, the Designee is the person who administers the survey.  The Designee is the faculty member or other employee you designate to handle the results.  The Designee cannot be the instructor assigned to the course being evaluated.

Only the faculty member who you select as your Designee will be able to see the students responses to the survey.  Your Designee will receive the survey results via email automatically and will be provided with instructions about how to give the results to you.
5. Which quarter/session do you want students to evaluate this course?
6. Which week of the quarter/session do you want your students to complete the Student Evaluation Survey?
7. What is your faculty status?